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Apple-Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (Serves 1 adult and 1 hungry baby)

More playing in the kitchen

I am always looking for new and exciting ways to entertain Henry while we are in the kitchen. As I've written about before, there are many common kitchen items that can easily be re-purposed to provide fun learning experiences for your little one.

Here are a few of Henry's latest favorites:

1. Did you receive a large tin of popcorn for Christmas? It seems like these canisters reappear every year at the holidays. If you still have your tin on hand, Henry has found that it makes an excellent drum.
After you eat the popcorn or set it out for the birds, the tin also does double-duty as a storage container for your child's other kitchen toys. 
Thank you to Henry's Great Aunt Barbara for this multipurpose Christmas gift (I bet she thought she was just giving us popcorn)! Henry had so much fun with this that his Grandma decided he needed a real drum for his birthday.

2. Henry's Great Aunt MaryAnn sent us a set of metal condiment cups when she was cleaning out after a move. He…

Henry's First Birthday

Henry is one year old - WOW! It has been an exciting year watching him grow and explore the world. 
A one year birthday deserves a celebration! We spent a fun, whirlwind afternoon with family and friends at the MetroParks STAR Center

But this is a food blog, so let's talk about the food! Since the party was after lunch, I kept the menu simple with just a few snack items. There was a fresh fruit tray with apple, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries accompanied by vanilla Greek yogurt. I also made hummus to go with the fresh vegetable tray that included cucumber, carrot, bell pepper and broccoli.
 We had a flavored water bar inspired by Life on the Mom List.
And of course, there was cake! Henry's Aunt Melody made tasty no sugar carrot cupcakes. The orange frosting on Henry's cupcake was sweetened with maple syrup (from Cynthia Lair's cookbook "Feeding the Whole Family"). The white cupcakes had a traditional cream cheese frosting.
In keeping with the nautical t…

Tuesday Tip for Picky Eaters: Just Add Sauce

This week’s Tuesday Tip for Picky Eaters: Just Add Sauce. Last Wednesday, Henry and I had dinner while Daddy went to get a haircut. Henry was really into the main dish, but he was not very interested in the accompanying zucchini cakes. When Daddy got home, it was not yet time for Henry's to go to bed so they sat down together for a second dinner while I cleaned up the kitchen. This time, Daddy topped the zucchini cakes with tzatziki sauce and Henry couldn't get enough of them.
Experts frequently suggest adding sauce to vegetables to get your kids to eat them. I've been resistant to this recommendation, envisioning frozen broccoli smothered in processed cheese sauce or carrots drowned in ranch dip. But now, I am coming to terms with the idea that sauce can be a good thing. It doesn't have to be a disguise for vegetables; it can actually add value to a dish. 

There are lots of healthy, flavorful sauce choices for enhancing vegetables. Salsa, guacamole, hummus, and even garl…

Greek Rissoles (Serves 4)

Learning to use a fork

A few days after Christmas, Henry started reaching for our forks during meals. I thought it was a good idea to support Henry's lead and break out the flatware. 

I wasn't sure if Henry was really ready for a fork. The general guideline is that babies can learn how to use a fork between 12 and 15 months, but I figured it would not hurt to let him try a little earlier. 
Right away, Henry figured out how to hold the fork and maneuver the food to his mouth. Sometimes he holds the handle and other times the prongs. It's a combined effort of using his fork and his fingers, but I'd say he is doing a great job with less than two weeks of practice. 

I am not a fan of the plastic kids flatware. It looks and feels like a toy, not a tool. I figure if Henry wants to be like Mommy and Daddy using a fork, then we should let him use utensils that looks like what we use. Finding metal flatware for kids, however, is a challenge. Fortunately, Henry's Grandma saved the stainless …

Tuesday Tip for Picky Eaters: Same Food, Different Color

This week’s Tuesday Tip for Picky Eaters: Same Food, Different Color. Last week, Henry was really into carrots. He was gobbling them up so I wanted to keep it interesting for him. I headed to the store for a bunch of rainbow carrots. Henry enjoyed the purple and yellow versions just as much as the standard orange carrots.

If your kids like bright colors, you can find purple potatoes, yellow and orange bell peppers, and evenpurple and orange cauliflower. In the summer, red tomatoes are traditional, but our family loves the yellow, green and orange varieties even more. Another fun variety that we recently tried is Romanesco, a lime green broccoli cultivar with an out-of-this world shape.

If you have a picky eater, introduce a familiar food in a fashionable new shade. Present different colors of the same food in one dish. Or set out small samples of each color and let your kids taste test them side-by-side.

Tuesday Tip for Picky Eaters: Commit to One Small Change in 2013

This week’s Tuesday Tip for Picky Eaters: Commit to One Small Change in 2013. It's the new year and that means it's time for reflections and resolutions. 
First, the reflection. I started this blog nearly six months ago when Henry was nearing six months of age. In that short time, his food adventure has progressed from soup in a bottle to full participation in our family's Christmas Eve dinner. He eats nearly any food from hummus to hum bao. Meats and breads are his favorite, but he also loves mushrooms, squash, pears and citrus fruits. This past week, he enjoyed slurping tortellini soup and clam chowder.
Thank you to all of this blog's readers for your interest in following our family. I find it incredible that this blog has had over 7,000 page views from readers around the world. I am having fun documenting Henry's journey and I have some great ideas for upcoming stories. I hope you will keep reading and sharing your thoughts and suggestions. I also love hearing hea…