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August Photo Favorites

It's been another busy month with lots of summer family fun. Here are a few of my favorite food-related photos from August. 

Milkshake Meltdown

Henry has turned a corner. I knew this day would come -- the day when I can no longer hide some of my less than stellar food choices from him. 

For the most part, I try to make good decisions about the food we eat. Choosing a baby-led weaning model definitely encouraged our whole family to become more aware of our eating habits over the past year. Since Henry eats the same foods as the rest of our family, Daddy and I try to set a good example. Henry does get to have occasional sweet treats, but they aren't an everyday occurrence.
Last week, we were at a restaurant that has legendary burgers and shakes. I ordered a milkshake with my meal, thinking I would have it all to myself. When it was delivered in a fancy cup topped with hot fudge, Henry was sure it was meant for him. As we waited for the rest of our meal to arrive, I offered Henry a small taste. 

When our food arrived, Henry was certain that he only wanted to eat my milkshake and none of his food. After I tried to take the milk…

Yummy Chicken (Serves 4)