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Tuesday Tip for Picky Eaters: Learn to Trust Your Child

Henry's appetite varies greatly from week to week. His preferences for each food group also change frequently. I have a difficult time predicting what his latest food fad will be and when tried-and-true favorites may fall out of fashion.Some weeks, Henry will seem to gorge himself on fruit, but last week he refused blueberries (always a sure bet) in favor of a peanut butter sandwich at snack time.Henry can go for several weeks wanting yogurt with breakfast everyday, and then one day even the act of me placing the yogurt container on the kitchen table brought him to a sudden teary outburst.A few weeks ago it was BREAD, BREAD, BREAD. Then on the day after Christmas, Henry started passing over carbs in favor of protein -- meat, fish, beans and cheese. He astonishingly ate three pork ribs and one-and-a-half chicken enchiladas for dinner that night.From the start, this journey has been about learning to trust Henry to eat (or not to eat). It can be so discouraging when Henry dismantle…