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Henry's Milk Strike Continues

Henry's milk strike at daycare continues. He is now drinking plenty of water using a straw cup, but his teacher reports that he is still not consuming much milk. 
I talked with his teacher about how Henry had gone through a no-dairy trial last summer. When we brought dairy back into his diet, he enthusiastically ate yogurt and cheese again but his appetite for a stand-alone glass of milk dropped off noticeably. 
As we were talking, the topic of whole milk versus skim milk came up. I mentioned that we use full-fat dairy products at home, including whole milk, real butter and yogurt. While Henry rarely drinks a full glass of milk with meals, I often use it for cooking and baking. As a family, we consume about one-half gallon of whole milk per week.

His teacher said that under the USDA guidelines she is only supposed to serve low fat milk to the children over two years old. She suggested that Henry might not be drinking milk at daycare because he does not like the taste of 1% milk…

A Milk Mystery at Henry's New Daycare

Henry recently switched to a new childcare provider. It was a difficult decision to move him to a new environment, but Daddy and I felt it was the right time to make a change. 
After the new year, Henry was no longer seeing his two best friends at daycare -- one advanced to the preschool room and another moved away. His teachers rotated to new classrooms, and he was not connecting as well with the new lead teacher. Plus, the new staff's approach did not align with our values at home; the children started watching lots of movies and I observed kids frequently being sent to time-out.
I spent a few weeks searching for a new facility that would provide a more positive space for Henry. After interviewing a few options, Daddy and I were thrilled to find a great match. We chose a small in-home childcare run by a creative, loving grandma. Henry loved visiting her house during two test play dates and got along wonderfully with the other children.

Henry transitioned smoothly to his new daycar…

Baked Winter Pears and Apples (Serves 3)

This recipe is a sweet ending to a winter weeknight meal using an assortment of winter pears and apples, with no added sugar. Henry had as much fun helping to get this dessert ready, as he did eating it. I used raisins and dried apricots for the filling. Ingredients 3 winter pears or apples
¼ cup raisins or other chopped dried fruits Cinnamon Nutmeg ¼ cup + ¼ cup whole milk
Directions Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Remove the core of the pears and apples. Place the pears and apples in a pie pan or other shallow oven-safe pan. Fill the center of each pear and apple with dried fruits. Sprinkle generously with cinnamon and nutmeg. Pour ¼ cup of milk in the bottom of the pie pan. Bake for 40 minutes.
Remove pears and apples from the oven and allow them to cool slightly. Transfer to individual serving dishes. Pour remaining ¼ cup of cold milk over the apples and pears to help them cool before serving. How your kids can help 2-year old: Sprinkling the apples and pears with cinnamon and nutmeg.3-year ol…

Family Picture Time

Last week, Tania, a local photographer, visited our home. She specializes in lifestyle photography and asked if she could do the shoot at our home during dinnertime. 

I must admit that Daddy and I were a bit unsure of this approach at first. Our house is kind of dark and there isn't much evening light in these winter months. Could she really capture a decent image? Cleaning the whole house for a photo shoot seemed overwhelming with all the other things we are juggling right now. Would we have time to make the house look decent enough to be a photo backdrop? And while I take lots of pictures of Henry eating, I wasn't so sure about having shots of me trying to chew my dinner, talk with Daddy about our day, and wrangle a toddler. Would this really result in the most appetizing pictures? Daddy asked if a true-to-life picture of dinnertime should include the pile of dishes on the counter and vacuuming the pieces of dropped food from under Henry's chair. But when Daddy and I t…