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The Big Switch: Complete

Last month I gave an update on transitioning Henry from formula to milk and bottles to cups. In particular, I mentioned that we were planning to use up our remaining infant formula first, and then focus on phasing out his remaining three bottles per day. 

Of course the day after I wrote that post, Henry decided he had other plans. First, he stopped asking for his afternoon bottle, and two days later he started refusing his morning bottle. As long as breakfast was ready within 30 minutes of when he wok up, he no longer wanted to drink a bottle in the morning. Taking Henry's lead, we readjusted our plan again. 
No more bottles -- just cups for Henry.

We continued to use up the rest of the formula, but Daddy and I stalled on switching out Henry's final daily bottle for a cup. We were traveling for a week. Then, Henry's first molar broke through. Then, we decided to make a few other adjustments to Henry's bedtime routine.

Finally, last Saturday it was time to take the plunge. Once again, Henry was up for the challenge. He didn't hesitate at all to drink from a cup at bedtime. I think Daddy and I had become more reliant on that evening bottle than Henry. 

We've now been bottle-free for over a week!
We've phased out bottles and phased in plates for Henry. 

This was the final post in a three-part series. For the first post, click here. For the half-way update, click here.


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