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Our First Sack Lunch

As I mentioned yesterday, Henry and I had fun on a pumpkin patch playdate with friends from the local babywearers group. It was also the first time I have packed a sack lunch for us. I was in a rush to head out the door, so here is what I quickly threw together for us to share.

  • Two pieces of Swedish rye bread smeared with cream cheese
  • A few strips of tuna jerky
  • A snack bag of Veggie Pirate Booty
  • A whole plum
  • A whole pear

It was a scattered assortment of flavors, but we hit all the major food groups. I assumed there would be picnic tables or a grassy lawn, so I didn't bring Henry's travel high chair. He did a great job sitting on the chair all through our meal.
Henry gums on a strip of tuna jerky.
The tuna jerky and Pirate Booty were new items in our pantry. Jerky is definitely an unconventional choice for babies and is a little high in sodium. Obviously Henry wasn’t able to chew it, but he just held on to a strip and gummed away. He did eat several of the Pirate Booty puffs since they quickly dissolved in his mouth.
Henry tries out Pirate Booty
The plum was extra juicy but easily cleaned up with a baby wipe. And I suspect that sharing the pear was his favorite part of our lunch.
Henry shares a pear with me.
What are your favorite on-the-go lunches to share with your little one?


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