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Scrambling our Breakfast Menu

On a typical weekday, Henry and I frequently have toast and fresh fruit for breakfast. It may be wheat toast with apples or rye toast with nectarines. Sometimes I add a smear of yogurt or pumpkin butter on Henry’s toast, but most often his toast is just plain. Occasionally, I swap the fruit for tomato or cucumber slices. Plus, I always have a glass of milk to drink and Henry has water.
Henry chows down on sourdough toast.
It is easy to get into a breakfast rut, so I have been feeling that I should mix it up a little. Henry does love toast, but in the spirit of developing his palette and exposing him to new flavors, I decided we should branch out and try other breakfast options.
Fresh baked Morning Glory Muffins.
I started off by cooking up a batch of Morning Glory Muffins from “The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook”. This sugar-free recipe includes chopped dates, carrots, apples, and coconut. They baked into a very hearty and dense breakfast pastry.
Henry is not so sure about eating this muffin.
Henry did not take to them as well as his usual morning toast. At first, I tried handing Henry the whole muffin. After picking it up once, he ignored it in favor of his plum slices. Henry became interested again once I broke the muffin into smaller chunks. He tried out a few bites but he wasn’t particularly enthusiastic. At the end of breakfast, there were a lot of muffin bits on the floor and not much made it in to his mouth.
Henry inspects an apple cinnamon muffin.
Next we tried a more traditional apple cinnamon muffin. This recipe did include a bit of sugar and had a lighter, more cake-like texture. Henry was much more eager to eat these muffins, but we still ended up with a sizable portion of crumbs on the floor.
This muffin passed Henry's inspection.
What Henry liked best about having muffins for breakfast was getting to play with the muffin wrapper when our meal was over.
Henry plays with a muffin wrapper after breakfast.


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