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Aren’t you worried about choking?

Since we are trying to let Henry feed himself, I have had several people ask if I am worried about choking. This is a topic that Daddy has been very curious about too.
Many people think smooth purees are easier for babies to swallow, and that larger pieces pose a choking hazard. I have learned, however, that the risk of choking may actually be lower with Baby-Led Weaning. 
Regardless of whether your baby is spoon-fed or self-fed, remember to use common sense and follow a few basic rules.
Henry is never left to eat alone. At least one adult is always at the table with him while eating. This is not only to watch out for potential choking, but because mealtimes are family times. Meals are a great opportunity to bond and share over food. Eating together also means that Henry can watch and learn from Daddy and me about how to maneuver new foods.Henry always eats food sitting upright at the table in his high chair. Sitting up helps his gag reflex to work so that any food he is not ready to sw…

A Family Pancake Breakfast

I have been reading more about Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) as an approach for feeding Henry. As I wrote before, I am looking for alternatives to spoon-feeding and BLW seems promising. After the entertaining but unsuccessful attempt at letting Henry feed himself peas and avocado, I needed to get a better idea about how to make self-feeding work.
After someinitialinvestigation, it seems like the best place to begin is with long strips of food that Henry can easily grasp and bring to his mouth. Large stick-shapes can work for pieces of fruits, vegetables, bread crusts, or meat.
Pancakes make a frequent appearance on our weekend breakfast table, so started there. Daddy made two small pancake strips for Henry and placed them on his tray as we started breakfast. Henry wasted no time picking one up and getting it to his mouth. It was easy for him to suck on the pancake strips, which gradually dissolved in his mouth. He was completely engrossed in figuring out how to handle these new objects – …

Finger Painting with Food

How should we feed Henry?