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Happy Third Birthday! -- and my last blog post

Henry turns three years old today and he is so excited for his birthday. 
This weekend, we'll celebrate with family. By special request, Henry's Grandma and Nana are baking a rainbow cake that I am sure will be a highlight of the day. Henry says that his birthday wish will be to ride a real elephant (unfortunately, I don't think Daddy or I will be able to make that dream come true).
It's been quite a while since I last posted so I think it is time for me to officially close out this blog.

Thank you for everyone who joined in on Henry's childhood food journey. I hope you enjoyed reading about our experiences from Henry's first bites to his toddler whims. Personally, this has been a rewarding and creative media for me to document our family's adventures, to learn more about childhood nutrition, to examine our family's culturalbeliefs about eating, and to connect with other parents.

Maybe you've even be inspired to tried out a few new recipes with your f…