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  1. Hi Holly! I was referred to your blog from someone on the BLW facebook after i posted the following...
    "Hi all! I'm brand new to this group and im really considering BLW. I have lots of questions though because ive been trying different methods and none seem to be working for us. Someone on What to Expect When Expecting recommended i check out this group.

    My LO is just shy of 11 months and he has been spoon fed since about 4 months. we breastfed until 6 months and then switched to formula. he always really loved eating his purees (most of which i made myself but he has had more jarred food as of recently). i have tried a few different times to offer him whole foods, meaning chunks of fruits or veggies and he really hasnt had much of an interest. i was perfectly content to spoonfeed him for as long as necessary but now he seems to be eating less and less of his food, which leads me to believe he has more of an interest in more solid "adult" foods. the majority of the times i have offered him things that are not pureed he only seems to smash and throw them and they never end up in his mouth. so here lies my i just keep trying the BLW although he never actually feeds himself (ive been making attempts for about 2 weeks now) and stop spoonfeeding or do i keep spoonfeeding even though he is clearly becoming disinterested and barely eats any of it?"

    i was hoping maybe you might be able to offer me some advice...i literally sit my son down to eat at least 4 times a day and offer him both chunks of foods and purees and he has now almost completely started refusing any type of food other than the baby puffs and cheerios. he was cutting back on his formula for a while so i was super insistent on his solid intake because i was afraid he wasnt getting enough nutrition. although this new phase he is in where he is resistant to food/purees has increased his formula intake so i know he is at least getting what he needs as far as vitamins and minerals in that.

    any tips/advice/suggestions you can give me would be greatly appreciated as i just want what is the very best for my baby. thank you!

    1. Hi Lynsey. I sent you an email response that I hope will help you out. Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


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