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Tuesday Tip for Picky Eaters: The Power of Positive Peer Pressure

This week’s Tuesday Tip for Picky Eaters: The Power of Positive Peer Pressure. Over the past few weeks, I  have tried offering melon to Henry a few times but he has been uninterested. At lunch on Friday, we had quiche and a fruit plate. Henry happily ate the pineapple, grapes and orange slices. He cautiously tasted the cantaloupe and honeydew melon, but I could not convince him to try a second bite.

On Sunday, we went to a barbecue at a friend's house. The delicious spread included slices of honeydew melon. I figured that Henry would be uninterested, so I picked out a variety of other foods for his plate. Then, one of Henry's peers started munching on honeydew. Henry was convinced that he had to have some too. I was thoroughly surprised when Henry ate four slices!
It was a good reminder to keep offering, even when your child refuses to eat something the first few times. Seeing a friend eat a new food may encourage your little one give it a try.

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