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What to do with leftover baby food

Today’s recipe isn’t really a recipe. It’s a collection of recipe ideas for baby food purees. As you know, we taste testedbaby foods this week. It was a fun experiment but our family is done with jars and pouches of commercial baby food. I still have a small stockpile in the cupboard, so I tried to come up with creative ideas for how to use it up.

Here are a few options if you find yourself with extra baby food purees.
Stir fruit puree into plain yogurt.  Layer purees in popsicle molds and freeze.Spread veggie puree on a deli sandwich or grilled cheese sandwich.Mix fruit or veggie puree into a morning muffin mix.Freeze fruit puree in ice cube trays. Add one or two frozen cubes to a glass of drinking water for a dash of color and flavor.Add veggie puree to soup or pasta sauce.Blend fruit or veggie puree into a smoothie.
Henry and I taste tested an apple puree mixed in with yogurt. It was less sweet than the store-bought flavored yogurts and I think it worked well, but Henry was more inter…

Taste testing baby food pouches

We’re back with a few more baby food reviews. This time I thought we would sample a few of the new baby food pouches since they seem to be all the rage. I picked four types that combined fruits and vegetables in one mixture. I noticed that although the label often lists a vegetable first, the actual order of ingredients always starts with a fruit.
The Blueberry, Pear and Purple Carrot from Plum Organics was quite tart. Daddy did not like this flavor but Henry even preferred it to his morning toast crust. I think this puree has potential as a homemade popsicle. It was bright purple and would make a very colorful frozen treat. Next on our tasting adventure was the Carrots, Apples and Parsnips from Ella’s Kitchen. This orange blend was not a particular stand-out. Henry did pass his spoon back to me for a second scoop, but then he moved on to his roasted vegetables without looking back. Our third food pouch was Pumpkin and Banana from Plum Organics. The smell of banana was overpowering, but…

Taste testing baby food purees

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Trying out a spoon

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