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The End of an (Highchair) Era

We have finally had enough of our highchair. I’ve written before about our love/hate relationship with the Chicco 360 Degree Rotating Hook On Chair. It is a convenient space saver for small dining rooms, but the cleaning ritual is overly burdensome. In addition, we recently discovered a new issue with this product. After four months of daily use and two months of weekly dish washing, the metal components have started to rust. This product is great for traveling to Nana’s house, but it just does not make the grade as full-time baby gear.
Henry has a drink in his new highchair.
After a bit of research, I chose the Antilop from IKEA as our replacement highchair. We have used this model at a few restaurants and I was impressed by its simple design. The chair was very easy to assemble by just popping the steel legs to the seat. It is compact and a breeze to clean. The solid plastic chair means that crumbs have nowhere to hide. We even noticed that Henry sits more upright in this highchair instead of lounging, in part due to the shape of the seat and the raised back. Plus, at only $20 it is extremely affordable.
Henry sits more upright in the Antilop highchair.
The detachable tray is an additional $5. We currently use the tray for meals to help contain Henry’s food shrapnel, but I like that we will be able to remove the tray and pull the chair directly up to the table when Henry is a bit older.
The Antilop can be used with or without the tray.
After a week of usage, we are very satisfied with the performance of the Antilop highchair. I will keep you updated if we encounter any issues.


  1. I just told my mom today to pick me up one of these!! I am so glad to hear it is Henry approved!!! :)


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