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Taste testing baby food pouches

We’re back with a few more baby food reviews. This time I thought we would sample a few of the new baby food pouches since they seem to be all the rage. I picked four types that combined fruits and vegetables in one mixture. I noticed that although the label often lists a vegetable first, the actual order of ingredients always starts with a fruit.

The Blueberry, Pear and Purple Carrot from Plum Organics was quite tart. Daddy did not like this flavor but Henry even preferred it to his morning toast crust. I think this puree has potential as a homemade popsicle. It was bright purple and would make a very colorful frozen treat.
Henry slurped down the purple puree.
Next on our tasting adventure was the Carrots, Apples and Parsnips from Ella’s Kitchen. This orange blend was not a particular stand-out. Henry did pass his spoon back to me for a second scoop, but then he moved on to his roasted vegetables without looking back.
Henry gave was not as excited about the orange puree.
Our third food pouch was Pumpkin and Banana from Plum Organics. The smell of banana was overpowering, but the flavor of this yellow puree was not what I expected. Instead of being mild and sweet, this mixture was face-puckering sour. Henry even pulled away from the offer of a second spoonful.
Henry did not want a second helping of the yellow puree.
Finally, we tried out Broccoli, Pears and Peas from Ella’s Kitchen. It had a strong broccoli essence with a mild pea finish. Always the dramatic one, Daddy said this green puree looked like mold but might be fit for inmate consumption. Henry took half a bite and did not want to try again.
Henry would rather eat the handle of his spoon than take another bite of the green puree.
While food pouches are controversial, especially for older children, I can understand the convenience factor for parents who want to use baby food purees but don’t have time to make their own. Whether you select baby food in a jar or pouch, I would encourage parents to taste test the food you give your child. Double-check the ingredients to be sure you are getting what you expect and then make sure it tastes like real fruits and veggies.


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