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Eight Months Old

This weekend, Henry turned eight months old. After two months of solid foods, Henry’s skills at the table have grown by leaps and bounds. In that time, he also got his first two teeth and grew into his 9-month outfits. He's not quite crawling, but I think he will be on the move soon.
Look at those teeth!
What did Henry eat on this milestone day to celebrate turning eight months old?

For breakfast, we enjoyed pancakes and fresh apple. I warmed the apple slices in the microwave on high for 30 seconds to soften them slightly. This was Henry’s third try with apple slices and he took to them much better than before. The first two days that I gave Henry apple pieces, he just looked them over for a while. After examining a slice, he put it in his mouth but then dropped it and moved on to other items on his tray. This time, Henry picked up the apple and started gnawing away. He even paid it more attention than his pancake.
Henry gnaws on an apple slice.
Henry napped through lunch, missing out on deli turkey sandwiches.

At dinner, we started off with fresh slices of tomato picked from our kitchen garden. For the main dish, Daddy smoked a pair of turkey thighs on the grill. This was accompanied by mashed potatoes and a vegetable sauté of carrots and zucchini. Henry tried a bit of everything but seemed uncertain about the mashed potatoes. He especially liked the Green Zebra tomato and the smoked turkey.


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