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Is fish really baby food?

We eat fish at least once a week, especially during the summer when we can get fresh locally caught seafood at our farmers market. You may not think of fish as baby food, but Henry devours it. He has happily gobbled up cod, halibut and tuna. He’s also tried seared salmon and barbecued eel when we go out for sushi. The flaky texture breaks into small pieces that are easier for Henry to chew and swallow than other meats.
Henry wolfs down wild salmon with both hands.

Fish is a great choice for kids since the Omega-3 fatty acids it provides can benefit a child’s brain development, vision, mood and immune system. In addition, fish are a good source of protein and Vitamin D. A 2011 Swedish study found that babies who ate fish before the age of nine months were half as likely to experience asthma or other wheezing symptoms by the time they were in preschool.
What do you mean there's halibut on my face?

It’s best to choose fish that are low in mercury and have not been overfished. Good options include wild salmon, catfish, anchovies, butterfish, perch, tilapia, sole and trout. As with other meats, be sure to remove any bones before giving fish to your little one.


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