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Water please!

As I mentioned yesterday, Henry loves water. The problem is that Henry is not very skilled at drinking water. We’ve tried sippy cups, shot glasses, and regular drinking glasses. Water usually ends up dribbling down his chin, spilling on his tray, or cascading to the floor. Who knew it took practice to learn how to take a drink of water?

Henry has two key issues with sippy cups. First, he does not like that the cup needs to be tilted up to get the water out. Second, the no-spill filters are nice for keeping everything dry but they make it difficult for him to suck the water out. We tried removing the filters but then water just pours out freely. Since I am helping Henry tilt the cup, it is difficult to see when the water reaches the spout and determine how much he is getting. If I tilt it up too high, Henry is drenched with a huge mouthful that he needs to spit back out.
Henry can hold a sippy cup but he does not like tilting it up to drink.
Next, a friend recommended shot glasses since these are small enough for little hands to hold. Without any type of lid, however, Henry immediately tipped over the glass and spilled the water. The small size of the shot glass presents another problem. Henry wants to clutch it but I am helping him tilt it up. Because of the small size it is difficult for both of us to hold together.
A shot glass is a good size for Henry but he tips it over so the water spills everywhere.
I have an easier time holding a regular drinking glass for Henry but the biggest difficulty here is that it is hard to give him a small sip. Henry ends up taking a huge gulp and then coughing much of it back out. Plus, if I tip the glass too much water pours out the sides and down his front.
A full size glass makes it difficult for Henry to control how much water he gets.
Now I am in search of the perfect cup for Henry. It looks like I am not the only mom on the hunt for great cups for her kids (unfortunately, these cute cups are only available in the UK).

So what has worked best as a starter cup for your young child?


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